The Company

Abaremit Asia Security Co. Ltd. (ABAREMIT LTD.) is one of the most reliable Asia leading safe deposits company with its principal operating company based in the Japan plus other affiliates & branches across the globe, providing professional financial deposits securities, valuables safe keeping and the best investment advises to our numerous clients all over the world.


The finance you deposited with us gives you a secure placement in which you can choose the period of time for such deposits. Our many years of experience has enabled us to tailor the high level of facilities and finance security services we offer to meet our many clients individual varied requirements. We handles all aspects of deposits for individuals, corporate bodies and organizations  ranging from monetary and assets.


We possess international bank connections that transfer most of our secure money assets deposited by our clients. Our offshore banking partners are tailored to the specific need of our clients & this has been streamlined to meet the growing need of client’s confidentiality, with diverse taxation laws taken into consideration, you can be rest assured that your desire would be tendered smoothly.

We also provide exceptional, reliable & on time special delivery services of valuables deposited with us. We can deliver door-to-door or door-to-port to many countries depending on the choice of the client which means our clients can collect their cargo personally from the destination terminal.


  We  safe  guide your  assets  &  finance  deposited  with  us  for  any number of years as you wish so all you have toiled for will be properly secured under our security umbrella. And in the event of  your death can be claimed according to your Will  / next-of-kin. Also   can  be  claimed  by  your  legal   representative   with adequate prove to support the claim in accordance to company procedure and security establishment act.

Abaremit Multipurpose

The major aims of which ABAREMIT LTD. was established is for the safe keeping of valuables assets not limited to the following: gold, diamond, painting materials, computer data, Jewelries, art- works, documents, safe deposits of funds for future investment including funds safe deposits for individual, corporate bodies, organizations and delivery of such valuables from one location to another plus offering best investment advises. Our strong obligations in the providing prompt, quality service and respecting the confidentiality of clients plus security of all communications with us, has given clients the peace of mind as we are committed to protecting security of our clients to ensure that the information they shared with us is only with us.

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31 May

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31 May

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31 May
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