About us


Abaremit Asia Security Co. Ltd. (ABAREMIT LTD.)  is a security and  finance  firm  wholly owned  and managed by a dedicated team  of  skilled,  experienced and  decorated amphibious  finance  and security experts.  ABAREMIT LTD. directors has acquired  many years of  experience  operation in the  financial investments and securities of  valuables. The major aim of which  ABAREMIT LTD was  established is for the safe keeping of valuable assets not limited to the following gold, diamond, painting  materials, computer data,  jewelries, art works, documents,  safe deposits of  funds  for  future  investment  including  funds safe deposits for individuals, corporate bodies, organizations and delivery  of such valuables from one location to another plus offering the best investment advises.

Apart from various awards of quality service and reputations in the finance and  security  services,  ABAREMIT LTD. and its affiliates has experienced growth which has taken it well beyond expectations  through the highest level of our quality professional services, ensuring satisfactions of our numerous clients who benefits  from our exclusive services and custom relationship with multi-million investors.

ABAREMIT LTD. was established with  the vision that  the only way to  solve  security  challenge is to make available infrastructural and internal network  finance and security  strategy both in assets & monetary security. In our finance network,  we linked  with  other  companies as partners to generate the effective and adequate  service  methodology.  We also possess international bank connections  that transfer most of secured money assets  deposited by our clients.